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Monday, November 28, 2005


I recieved my FREE ball of BERNAT DISCO in the mail...(actually i send one to mom's also so it was the one i sent to her place heheh)...it was Mr.Brown color...YAhhhhhhh
Inside there was a MART MAXIM catalog (which i already had) BUT there was a flyer insert telling about the YARN SALE going on....
wanna guess what comes next? LOL
Yup..ordered me lots of yarn! whoohoooooo
I got:
& lastly
and i think i got a few free patterns in there as well.

*daaces all around*

The joy i tell ya....

AND this morning, my mail came..AND i got MY BERNAT DISCO in there! same color as the other! HOW AWSOME is that? LOL...


Mom's b-day is today....
I made her a scarf (trimmed with faux fur), a snowflake dishcloth in red/white/green & last night i decided to make a snowman door knob thingy. I hope she likes it!
(i have to remember to take a picture of it befor i wrap it all! hehehhehe


I burned the inside of my arn pretty bad over the weekend....SILLY me put the electric kettle on to boil for some tea and reached my arm across it to grab something and at that VERY moment i did that it decided to boil and shoot steam out at me! OUCH!
It's really tender today as the skin is starting to tighten (it was blistering a few days ago) and to make matters worst when it was blistering i banged up against something and it took a chunk out of the blistered part. not fun!
That will teach me to go anywhere near that kettle when it's turned on! *yikes*


I have not done ANYTHING on BIL's christmas afghan.
Since last time i wrote...i still haven't had ANY desire to work on it from his said actions.

I am just going to work on some dish cloths i think for the time being...and John's baby blanket. I really need to finish up some projects that i have been doing for some time now. yup...gotta get to that....someday! LOL

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Library's are ok.....

So i just went and "reserved" a bunch of crochet/yarn themed books from the library. yahhhhh

On the list is:
Candy Tots: Unique Crochet for Babies & Toddlers
Cozy Crochet: Learn to Make 26 Fun Projects from Fashion to Home Decor
Crochet for Babies and Toddlers
Crochet for Tots: 20 Fresh and Fun Designs
A Good Yarn
Mile-A-Minute Afghans
The Shop On Blossom Street
Vanna's Afghans A to Z: 52 Crochet Favorites
Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter

Plus there are a few "Wiggles" DVD's and CD's on there AND Jamie's Kitchen (the TV series) AND a CURVES book (since i am doing it! LOL)

There are so many more books i could have put on hld HOWEVER 17 items is good for now. LOL. On some of the books there are already a ba-zillion holds so it's not like i am going to get them ALL at the same time right? hehehehe


So i started on my friends son's scarf. I have to have it done by tomorrow so i can ship it off to her. (she's in the US, I'm in CANADA) and god knows how long it will take to ship, plus i am shipping it the cheapest possible. Hopefully it will get there befor it get's too cold!


I have ABSOLUTLY no desire to work on BIL's afghan. *sigh* I dont know why BIL insists on making comments that hurt my feelings. I figure why should i put my time and energy into this when i feel horrible from things that are said in reference to me?....this is sepost to be a labor of love (crocheting this afghan) and i am feeling NO LOVE right now.
I think in the mean time untill my hurt has passed i will just work on this for people that make me happy. (is anyone else like this? am i the only one who has to feel happy-ness towards someone to create something for them?)

And regarding the afghan, my husband when and told him parents that i was going to make this for him from x-mas so i have no choice but to eventually put my hurt asside and have this done as a gift. wonderful. It will just be a afghan....not a "pressent from the heart".


Monday, November 14, 2005

1st ball down...bunch more to go

So i am making a afghan for my BIL...my husband likes to refere to it as a "blanket". I think he would rather day BLANKET instead of AFGHAN *laughing*...whatever...

actually...is there a difference between an AFGHAN & a BLANKET? someone tell me plz!

Back to the BIL blanket....I am useing IMPROVED SOFTNESS BERNAT Super Value color 07469 (Honey) here's a pic of the color:

What i REALLY REALLY wanted to get was a chocolate color....or the WALNUT (which is listed on thier website) HOWEVER Michaels doesnt seem to keep many colors in this type/brand. GRRR @ them! I think i am going to stick to Wal*Mart for my yarn. They seem to have more of a selection of you can beleive that! (I would love to find another place to get my crocheting supplies in the area HOWEVER i am pretty much new here and dont know what other places there are! nothing is advertised in flyers either! ahhgghhh)

I have finished the first one...i have 4 more that i have on hand...I have a feeling i am going to have to get some more! *yikes*...

I chained 230 (or ther abouts..i forgot to write it down *doh*) to start it...so that will be the width. I will just keep going untill it's a size i like.

I dont usually follow a pattern...just kinda go with my mood.
This one is Row 1 SC, DC etc to the end...chain 1, turn...Row 2 is SC only to end...ch 1, turn and back to following Row 1. and keep alternating....I like the look of it.... Hopefully he will too (but i am not holding my breath, he is hard to please *sigh*)


Sunday, November 13, 2005

pcitures & ?'s

this is the second hat i made...which is for a friend of mine's son:

this is the FIRST hat i ever made AND followed a pattern! (this is my daughter!)..I made and added the flower on. this is the "test" poncho i made for Heather...it turned out HUGE (put it away for later) and i used my not-so-good yarn on it.
this is another hat i made for my friends son:
this hat i made for my 8 month old son John:
Here is a picture of the my 3 children and my niece (from left to right is Haevyn my niece (4 yrs), Heather (2.5 yrs) who got into the stroller, My oldest son Zac (14.5 yrs) is holding my youngest son John (7 months) !)..I made the pumpkin hats the younger children are wearing AND the poncho heather is wearing i made as well :
So it looks like i figured out how to get all the pics on there! GO ME! heheheheheh
I REALLY want to learn how to crochet MITTENS but i am a bit leary of the whole "thumb" part. LOL...Does any one have a EAY pattern out there? Actually, when making mittens do you make the thumb seprate then attach it or can you do it all at once?
I have a few more ?'s actually:
yes, they may sound silly....
how do you tie off when your done?
when i change colors i knot the other color into the color i am finishing up on...i know..BAD BAD BAD but how does the yarn stay attached if it's loose like that? and weaving in loose ends? yikes...SCARY TO ME! hehehehehe
Anyone want to be my mentor? *lol*
ALSO if there is anyone in my area (Hamilton Mountain ontario CANADA) that KNOWS of a crocheting club or whatever..PLEASE let me know! i would be sooo interested in joining something like that.


I made an entry and tried to post pictures of what i have done and it wont let me post MORE then 1 picture at a time....What's going on? Is there some trick that i need to know? *yikes*

Saturday, November 12, 2005

all about lill' old me...

I'm 31 year old mother and wife...(who lives on Hamilton Mountain in Ontario CANADA)
My children are Zac age 14.5 years, Heather-Anne age 2.5 years, & John age 8 months.
My husband and i have been together for almost 10 year and married for 4 years.
Since being married we have moved houses a total of 3 times! (from cornwall to pembroke, pembroke to burlington, & burlington to hamilton). NO MORE MOVING FOR US for awhile..even thought i really so want to live in the country :) 8 years till we move! hehehehe

I am addicted to crocheting!
My frist time picking up a crochet hook was when i was 18...a friend of mine tought me to go the almighty granny square afghan...going around and around and around.
Over the years i have self taught how to do different patterns for blankets/lap blankets/afghans.
Reciently i have been about to follow patterns! whoohoooooo...something i was TERRIFIED of. Really, it wasnt that hard once you know all the "terms" and things!
Since then i have made many hats for the babies (children), poncho's, toys etc....
I still concider myself a "beginner"...but more an advanced-beginner *laughing*....

Right now I have many projects on the go for x-mas pressies.
1. afghan for BIL
2. bear afghan & dog bath mitten for daughter
3. baby blanket for youngest son (Which i started when i was pregnant with him, i totally forgot about it in the midst of a hig risk pregnancy)

and of course there is more that have to be done...
1. poncho for 4 year old neice
2. fancy scarf for mom
3. x-mas goodies
4. scarf for a friends son (already made him 2 hats - have to get that in the mail soon!)

hopefully i will get to that soon!

more later!