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Monday, November 14, 2005

1st ball down...bunch more to go

So i am making a afghan for my BIL...my husband likes to refere to it as a "blanket". I think he would rather day BLANKET instead of AFGHAN *laughing*...whatever...

actually...is there a difference between an AFGHAN & a BLANKET? someone tell me plz!

Back to the BIL blanket....I am useing IMPROVED SOFTNESS BERNAT Super Value color 07469 (Honey) here's a pic of the color:

What i REALLY REALLY wanted to get was a chocolate color....or the WALNUT (which is listed on thier website) HOWEVER Michaels doesnt seem to keep many colors in this type/brand. GRRR @ them! I think i am going to stick to Wal*Mart for my yarn. They seem to have more of a selection of you can beleive that! (I would love to find another place to get my crocheting supplies in the area HOWEVER i am pretty much new here and dont know what other places there are! nothing is advertised in flyers either! ahhgghhh)

I have finished the first one...i have 4 more that i have on hand...I have a feeling i am going to have to get some more! *yikes*...

I chained 230 (or ther abouts..i forgot to write it down *doh*) to start it...so that will be the width. I will just keep going untill it's a size i like.

I dont usually follow a pattern...just kinda go with my mood.
This one is Row 1 SC, DC etc to the end...chain 1, turn...Row 2 is SC only to end...ch 1, turn and back to following Row 1. and keep alternating....I like the look of it.... Hopefully he will too (but i am not holding my breath, he is hard to please *sigh*)



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