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Saturday, November 12, 2005

all about lill' old me...

I'm 31 year old mother and wife...(who lives on Hamilton Mountain in Ontario CANADA)
My children are Zac age 14.5 years, Heather-Anne age 2.5 years, & John age 8 months.
My husband and i have been together for almost 10 year and married for 4 years.
Since being married we have moved houses a total of 3 times! (from cornwall to pembroke, pembroke to burlington, & burlington to hamilton). NO MORE MOVING FOR US for awhile..even thought i really so want to live in the country :) 8 years till we move! hehehehe

I am addicted to crocheting!
My frist time picking up a crochet hook was when i was 18...a friend of mine tought me to go the almighty granny square afghan...going around and around and around.
Over the years i have self taught how to do different patterns for blankets/lap blankets/afghans.
Reciently i have been about to follow patterns! whoohoooooo...something i was TERRIFIED of. Really, it wasnt that hard once you know all the "terms" and things!
Since then i have made many hats for the babies (children), poncho's, toys etc....
I still concider myself a "beginner"...but more an advanced-beginner *laughing*....

Right now I have many projects on the go for x-mas pressies.
1. afghan for BIL
2. bear afghan & dog bath mitten for daughter
3. baby blanket for youngest son (Which i started when i was pregnant with him, i totally forgot about it in the midst of a hig risk pregnancy)

and of course there is more that have to be done...
1. poncho for 4 year old neice
2. fancy scarf for mom
3. x-mas goodies
4. scarf for a friends son (already made him 2 hats - have to get that in the mail soon!)

hopefully i will get to that soon!

more later!


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