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Thursday, December 01, 2005

back to it....

I figure since it's Dec.01 i should swallow my pride and get to working on BIL's afghan.
Yes, i am back at it.
I did 5 rows today...it took me a few hours ('tis a big afghan) on & off.
I have decided that in order to have this ready by BOXING DAY (when we *have* to go over to the inlaws) i at LEAST have to do 4 rows a day to get it finished. *yikes*
I always seem to STRESS when i have a deadline to do something. No matter what it is i think i wont get it done on time.

There is so many other crochet projects i want to finish off or get started on!
I want to make this pattern:
http://home.austin.rr.com/ofenstein/monique.html but i have to find the PERFECT yarn! LOL...I KNOW hubby got me yarn for x-mas...maybe it will be in there? hummmmm....

I want to make some Alphabet Pillows for the kids:
BUT...they only have 1 of my babies first letter of thier names....J (john)...there isnt a pattern for H (heather) and Z (zac)...yikes. Maybe i will wait a little bit longer in hopes that thoes letters go up! LOL

Ariel's Blanket is sooooooo pretty:

As is Coconut Candy Blanket :

and there are the projects i have yet to finish.....
dog bath mitt (1/2 done)
john's baby blanket i started a month befor he was born (1/4th done)

and the ones i have to get to befor x-mas as well...

but that doesnt stop me from going ahead and doing other little things...like the snowman door knob covers:
I altered the patter a little bit to make them fit my door knobs better
Takes me all of 20 mins to whip of thies bad-boys...I also crochet the eyes, nose and mouth individually and attach them. I didnt have googley eyes and pom poms on hand so i improvised.

I finished off my friends-son's scarf and mailed that off to her along with the two hats i crocheted and some fun play goodies i got for him from Party Packagers:
which is my NEW FAV STORE EVER!!!!!...you dont evenw ant to know how much i spent there on X-mas stuff for the kids..and talk about stalking stuffers..HOLY MOLY!!! it ROCKS....okay okay..i spent $140 there over 2 trips....hehehehe....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there!
I didnt tell my friend i was sending the package...I want it to just show up and be a big surprise. (it's going to the US....i'm in canada) I hope they like the stuff! :)

Kids updates:
Heather-Anne (age 2.5 years) is now potty trained durning the day. Only wears pull-ups for naps and bed time...yahhhhhhh

John (age 8.5 months) has 4 teeth now! tooth #4 poped out last night..2 bottom and now, 2 top!

Zac (age 14.5 years) gpt his first report card of high school and is doing great! Teachers like him and had nothing but wonderful things to say about him!

Tomorrow is my husbands works kids x-mas party...we are going for 2 hours because he HAS TO WORK...grrrrrrr.
It's ok though....heather loves the craft stuff..and i am sure we will have yet another x-mas picture of her CRYING beside Santa because she is TERRIFIED...LOL.
I am anxious to see what John thinks of the big red and white dude.
They always have a good party with AWSOME gifts for the kids..well, last year wasnt as impressive because of the hocket strike but this year should be good now that everything is back-on-track (he works for a well known Canadian Hockey Team & Basketball Team - he runs the TV station)



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