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Sunday, December 04, 2005

It came....

My yarn oder that is....

Which was a TAD bit disapointing.

They were sold out of the PROMISE YARN (funny when i ordered it it was there AND when i went back to the website it says there is some still in stock)...
so i got paul to call (he offered) to see what was up and they said "they forgot to add it to the order"...ummmm ok??? They said they would ship it out .... paul asked ifwe were going to be charged shipping for that and they said NO.

I dont think i will be ordering from them again (Mary Maxim)....I HATE when i have a bad experience with an on-line company.


I tried a granny Square pattern and i just could get it right....GRRRRRR.....
It was THIS one: http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/winterslace.asp
I dont know what i am doing wrong...but whatever....I am blaiming it on not understanding the directions. LOL
So i tried my hand at THIS one: http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/Centrific.asp in all one color but my yarn was a little wonky...It is old yarn and showing it's age i think...it didnt turn out all that nice. I think i will try a different yarn (maybe one of the ones i just got?!? hummmm) * see how it turns out.



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