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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I am doing a little more on BIL's afghan....about 3-5 rows a day. gotta get moving on it MORE to get it done for boxing day! *yikes*

One of my LOVELY fur-beasts (would say fur-babies but one of them ANNOYED me)

(there are 3 cats in that pic all huddled together) decided to "kneed" the afhgan that i left on the couch while i went and tended to laundry and pulled some of my stitches...thankfully they didnt RIP or TEAR it...i just moved it around a bit and it kinds fell back into place.

My own fault....dont leave my projects laying around when you have 3 cats! ugh.

I also got some "goodies" at Michaels and Chapters a few weeks ago that i took pics of and FORGOT to post.......here is a pic:

I am not thilled with the Crochet Fantasy mag...kinda wish i hadnt bought it now after having a good while to go threw it but whatever...maybe someday it will be of use to me! LOL....The other mag i LOVE LOVE LOVE...and that little leaflet is a freebie and i DO intend to make that afghan one day! :)

The cotton will get much use out of...I am in need of some more dishclothes! (one can neverhave too many right?)

I also have pictures of the b-day gifts i made mom...wanna see?

just in case you dont know what they are *lol* 1st on is a scaft with "fun fur" at the ends, 2nd is a SNOWMAN door-knob cover & 3rd is a dishcloth..a wavey one that molds around your hand :) Totally whimmed that one...no pattern. go me! (& no i didnt write it down...bad bad me)

So that's about it....not much else exciting going on.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Tara said...

That doorknob cover is great. Is the pattern on the internet, or did you make it up?


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