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Thursday, March 30, 2006

baby blanket #2 started!

So i started baby blanket #1...which i *think* i mentioned?
If not it's going to be a sock monkey type blanket. (have little sock monkey heads on some of the squares)..yes..I remember writing aboout it and posting pics of the yarn i was going to use.
I get bored of one thing easy...which bring me to...

It's one of thoes freebie patterns you get at Wal*Mart, Zellers, Michaels etc...
actually it's this one:

If you want the pattern it's on the BERNAT site (here's the direct url to it):

I have NEVER worked with "Bernat baby coordinates sweet stripes" befor...it's quite thin and sleek. When i was looking at the picture on the pattern i was led to believe it would be a somewhat THICK yarn ... guess not! but seeing as though all these baby's being born to my friends will be summer-ish babies, the light yarn is good!
This is the color i picked (same as the one of the free pattern paper)

This is a blanket for one of the twins being "cooked" by my friend..LOL..his twin brother will be getting the same blanket but in this color:

I made the blanket smaller (ch 90) instead of the (ch 160) it called for.
I figure the twins will be wee little guys. I dont want them getting lost in a BIG blanket!

I will post a picture on what i have done so far once my battery is charged for the digi cam. That darm battery seems to be losing juice RATHER quickly! grrrrrr...I wonder why it's doing that NOW?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I would like to thank LUCY

that would be LUCY of FOLK 'N FANCY.....

This morning i was woken up by my CAT licking a bag that was beside my bed on the floor (it was am old navy bag that had one of my crochet projects in it).

My cat has NEVER licked a bag befor (that i know of) and i KNOW the only reason he did it was because of HER entry a few days ago.
I beleive my kitty (sparky) sneaked online and viewed HER blog and decided to do the same thing that her kitty doing.


*laughing hysterically*

what a life! LOL....

(a couple pillows got tossed at sparky but fear not, they were soft and he was un-harmed!)


Monday, March 27, 2006


entry befor this...well DOWN from this..

I added ALL my fav blogs over the the right hand side...
they are all there! yahhhh..only took me an HOUR to put em all there! yikes!
(kids are naping so it was able to get done...ohhhh sweet sleeping children) hehehe

Did a good 'ol sweepin'!

Ya, my computer get's all bogged up with my millions of bookmarks that i have saved. *laughing*
Ya never know when you will need that certain page on the WWW! *lol*

I have so many bookmark FOLDERS...
Crochet-ing BLOGS (this is where all you ARE!)
Crochet Patterns
Crochet Forums
Yarn Ordering
Get To crochet projects
Personal Homepages
Yahoo Groups
shirt printing (new enderver of mine)
Crafy Links

That is the NEW organized list...there were MUCH more folders on there befor! TRUST ME!

I went threw my CROCHET BLOGS folder and cut out 52 blogs...for various reasons but the main being if they have NOT updated since the new year...CUT CUT CUT. Why tie up precious computer space with people who have abandoned thier crochet blog...right? I am not totally ruth-less...I understand there are little "breaks" people have from writing, HECK i have been there...but after almost 3 months of NOTHING..sad sad sad..CUT CUT CUT.

Now i have to fix up this blog a bit and all ALL the other fav blogs that i dont have listed on the side...
I would totally delete my CROCHET BLOGS folder and just have them all on my blog but what would happen if my blog was whipped clean and i didnt have them anymore..A crochet-girl needs BACK-UP! LOL.

I whipped up a size 4 halter top (in deep red - like the one i made heather) for my niece...as per heather's request. She has taken an interest in knowning who her cousins are (she has 1 FIRST cousin which is my 1/2 sister's daughter and she is 4)..there are my cousins but she really doesnt get that..then there are the kids of MY cousins that are the same age as her but i think that's WAYYYYYYY past her understanding..LOL.
She is also into known who her "Friends" are..LOL..this is anyone from someone she saw walk by on the street the other day to my friends children (who are in and around her age)..fun fun!

So yah...I am also making squares still to make a baby blanket with. I get bored of something easy so i jump into something else..then back to what i was orginally working on. LOL

I still havent found a CANADAIN place that sells Lion Brand Lion Cotton in the 5 oz balls...but i can order from Lion Brand directly..pay the exchange, shipping and duty.
I did get the NEW MARY MAXIM catalog today and it has the SUGAR 'n CREAM in there...so if worst comes to worst i can order that in place of the LION COTTON...just means i have to either get the 2 1/2 oz balls (would need 4 @ $2.49 each BUT int he color i want) or get the 1-lb cone (for $16.99 in a color i am not too keen on *Ecru*)..PLUS shipping which would be about $6-$8...

oh well..I will mull it over for a few more days and see what happens!

K - bye

Saturday, March 25, 2006

ok ok think i might have it!

So right now it's my LIFE's MISSION (obsession?) to find this damn 100% cotton in 5oz balls...to make YEEHAW LADY (cowboy hat)

I decided to go threw my old mary maxim catalogs and i *found* Sugar 'n Cream which is the same as Lion Brand Cotton EXCEPT they dont make it in the 5oz balls... they ONLY come in 1-il cones (in 3 solid colors only that are not really my preference) and in 2 1/2 oz balls (in a WIDE variety of colors i LIKE..ESPECIALLY the :softly taupe)....Did i mention wal*mart does NOT carry this brand? OR Zellers...OR Michaels...OR the yarn outlet i go to? GRRRRRRRRR....
So delema there is...do i get the 1-lb cone and go with either white, Ecru or Cream and have to measure out 212 meters of it, ball it so i can have 2 stands together (what the pattern calls to do..crochet with 2 strands together). OR so i get 5 balls of the other stuff and have to TIE 2 of them together so i can get enought yard-age to make the hat (which i DONT want to do because i dont want a damn KNOT in the pattern TWICE.


NOW, i also see in the mag that there are 2 other cottons i could work with HOWEVER

One is the CLEAN COTTON and it's a Size 10 "MERCERIZED" cotton. I had no idea what MERCERIZED meant so i looked it up and it basically told me it was something to "strenghten" the cotton. (any one else know what it means? please tell me if i am wrong)..It comes in ALOT of colors i like (I am going for a tan/light brown hat)..It comes in 1094 years so i would have plenty just would have to measure out the yardage i need and cut it..time consuming i think...

There is another called ANNE COTTON and it's a SPORT WEIGHT cotton...it comes in 546 yards so cutting again to get the right yardage ugh.

So here's another questions.
The pattern calls for 100% WORSTED WEIGHT COTTON..
can i substite with either of the two i just mentioned...
being the size 10 MERCERIZED ot the SPORT WEIGHT cotton and get the same look/results?

ALSO I dont quite understand the sizes of some cotton...does it mean the thickness of the cotton string? because both the Lion cotton and the Sugar 'n Cream cotton done specify size...where as others do...
I am soooooooo getting FRUSTRATED with this..

Life would be so much less complicated if we have the LION COTTON here in CANADA!?..why dont we? WHY WHY WHY? (seriously people i have called EVERY year store here..plus the dept stores that carry yarn and they DO NOT have lion cotton OR sugar 'n cream)...I looked on freaking e-bay and they have SOME on there but only 1 damn ball..I NEED TWO and the colors are icky. i dont want a tangerine orange cowboy hat..or a cotton candy pink hat. *cries*

So ya...
back to my orginal question...
are either of the CLEA COTTON or the ANNE COTTON and substitute?

Clea cotton:

Anne cotton

Sugar n Cream Worsted Weight Yarn:

Sugar n Cream Worsted Weight Yarn Cones:

Friday, March 24, 2006


yes, i REALLY need help (& not in the metal health department *laughing*) i mean REAL HELP befor i END up in some mental health facility....

I have been to 4 (FOUR) store in SEARCH of a CERTAIN brand of yarn to make YEEHAW LADY from the Stitch 'n bitch crochet book. I have been to ZELLERS, Wal*mart, MICHAELS & a yarn wearhouse...and they dont have/carry it.

What i am LOOKING for is:
LION BRAND lion cotton
5 oz, 140g/236 yd/212m
It's a All Natural 4 ply - medium worst-weight

I have SEARCHED for online store that i can order it form (i am in canada and would prefere to order in canada as it would save me on shipping & converting canadian funds to american funds) and i cannot find ANYWHERE...

So my question is...What other ALTERNATIVE to LION BRAND can i use that would be the same?
Here is a canadian website that i can order from:
can ANYONE help me figure out an alternative brand then LION BRAND..because OBVIOUSLY stores done carry LION COTTON around here! *pulls hair out*

I am going CRAZY because i want to make this "hat"...

My LAST alternative is if someone is willing to get me the yarn and ship it to me...I will pay for it plus the postage.

(btw Michaels doesnt carry ANY 100$ cotton EXCEPT for the little balls that you make dishcloths out of...go michaels *sarcasm*)

please help?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anarchy hat take 2!

so i made ANOTHER one...a matching one for zac's g/f..in red with black trim and anarchy sign.

some more pics of the kids...because they are so dang cute!

Ok..now that that is out of my system....

I have tried ALL friggen day to get this pattern going...but i have GIVEN UP.
I am SORRY but i cannot for the life of me understand this pattern :(
Actually after a night of searhing online..at crafster.org there is actually a WHOLE post with NUMOUROUS pages attached to it with others TRYING to figure it out as well...some have..some havent..I am part of the HAVEN'T and hot-damn am i ANNOYED!

so wanna know what this pattern is?

go here: http://www.angelfire.com/va3/heartfeltangels/littlestarafghan.html

*sigh* i really wanted to make it...i have so many friends (4) that are expecting (one is having twins) & i really wanted to give them one..
anyways...I am not going to make myself CRAZY over this pattern so i went onto another afghan.

I am making a SOCK MONKEY afghan/blanket. I saw the idea in the STITCH 'n BITCH CROCHET book i got...but i am not going to be making the pattern like that...mine's going to be a little more BASIC because i have not filly mastered the granny square with lots 'o holes..LOL.
So basically it's going to be squares put together..i am using BERNAT softee chunky in the Grey Ragg

i am going to alternate squares of that with the grey heather (which i have to go and get still)

I want to go a RED trim around and to hold the squares together...maybe the berry red?

and there are going to be little sock monkey faces on the corner squares..(which the pattern for is in the book) :)
so that's my idea! yup...gonna see how it turned out! Out of all the preggies (hehehehhe) only 1 knows what they are having and it's a BOY. so i think she will get it! :)

OH and here is a little something...because I LIKE YOU:


Friday, March 17, 2006

anarchy irony hat DONE!

My teen-age son requested i make this for him ASAP.

It's from "Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker".
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!
It was a easy pattern to follow...and it's nice every now and again using a differnt method to make a hat then what i am usted to.

This took me about 2 days of doing on and off...maybe a total of 4-6 hours? I was reading the pattern so that kept me on my toes (reading, re-reading, reading etc..)..usually i just wing it and make it up as i go..NOT THIS TIME BABY!!! hehehehehehe

Here are pics!
Some of Zac with the hat on..some with me!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Me & ma-boy!

gonna try this on a new day..see if it works!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

take 18001

ya..ANNOYING as hell to post here some times.

After re-visiting folk-n-fancy (http://folk-n-fancy.blogspot.com/) to re look at the damn bean man that i have aganized over for an evening/night/morning i am TRYING to make this post again. Go look at the damn beans...run run run right over to her blog!

So i have finished some things. YES! I, the slacker of all sorts have finshed up some very fine crochet things!
wanna seeeeeee?

made my baby boy a hat/scarf set for SPRING..because hot-damn hats and scarves are NOT just for the winter!

made my daughter 2 halter tops..the red one is by far my fav..and i have people asking me to make them some for thier children and other people telling me to SELL them!! (not the children, the halter tops...hehehehehe) (& now it's not halter and short weather..we are STILL getting snow, i just thought it was a summer-y picture day!)

I made a cat toy stuffed with a plastic bag (someone mentioned using that instead of batting because it makes a crinkle-y noise) and put cat nip in there. It was NOT a hit with my 3 fur-babies :( i think the "kitty-crack" was bad (aka catnip). LOL I didnt take a pic because it was such a FLOP with them! LOL

I got the book ".Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker " I LOVE IT!!! i cant wait to start something! ..my eldest son wants me to make him the anarcy (sp?) beanie!... and there are a few other things in there i wouldnt mid making for MYSELF *gasp..what a concept that is..making something for ME!?*

So I have a picture of me and my eldest...He JUST got his braces off a few days ago and is THRILLED...He has to go back on monday and get his semi-permenant retainers in (bottom is permantly put in there for a year..the top ones come out to eat. - now he started off with top and bottom retainers befor the braces went on and about 4 months SHY of when he should have gotten the braces he went and LOST the top AND bottom ones..NOT HAPPY CAMPERS here..but thankfully the retianers did do thier job and he got the braces put on earlier. ok done this rant).
So we have been snapping pictures left and right! MONEY WELL SPENT (still paying..only got $900 left to go!..thank goddess that paul's work covered 60% of the total..which was a WHOPPING $4500.00. but agian i stress..MONEY WELL SPENT! :)
So here is me and my boy (yes, befor it comes out your mouth..we look more like brother & sister then we do son & mother..i said it befor..I am CURSED with looking YOUNG)

I GUESS i will have to come back and make ANOTHER entry because it WONT LET ME post ANYMORE pictures...GAWD!..what a pain in the buttocks!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

my tattoo's

thought i would throw some pics of them up here...

1st one i got (professionally) was a rose on my right breast..I *think* i was 18.

2nd i got in Oct 2001. After the loss of my second child (miscarried Sept 2001) it's the chinese symbol for "Angel"...it's in his/her memory. It is on my left calf..well..just above my ankle

I have little home-made ones (As i like to call them because they were NOT professionally done. I did them..they are super small and not worth talking about because..well...you cant see them much! LOL..

I want to get 2 more. 1 that has to do with my life with Paul (I am thinking of adding onto the rose tattoo...maybe putting his name in there. The other one, i want all 3 of my babies names in there (zachary, heather-anne & john)..maybe just the first letter of thier name because that would be ALOT of tattooing! LOL.
I am going to design them both...but nothing has come to me..I will wait untill that time comes :)

here are the pics!

Friday, March 03, 2006


MUST....GET....MORE....YARN (even though i dont really need ANY more..I have the itch)

Think i can get my husband to take me tomorrow to get some? and PAY *gasps*....I t*h*i*n*k i just might be able to pull it off!!! *crosses fingers*

Am also going to use the yarn he got my for x-mas to make Heather (daughter) a pair of finger-less punk gloves. yup..That will show him how much i appericate his buying me yarn for x-mas and how much i REALLY need to replace that yarn i just used! *evil laugh* Think this JUST might work!!!!! yes! yes i do!

Looking for some summer halter tops to crochet for heather (size 3-4)..anyone know of any good patterns/sites?

Time to shower! (now that my husband is home from work and can watch the Velcro-Monkeys) heheheheheh

error message:

THIS is the error message i keep getting:

Blogger Sign In
We found the following errors:
Your browser's cookie functionality is disabled. Please enable JavaScript and cookies in order to use Blogger.
Blogger Help explains how.

The only way i was able to post this is because i hit the back button a few times and it took me back to the message box that i wrote my LAST entry in!

Does ANYONE know what this means???????

(it only happenes AFTER i post my message then go back to make another one!)

It's about time!

So yesterday after i posted what i had to i TRIED to post another entry with more pictures HOWEVER seems blogger and i were having some "ISSUES" and it wouldnt let me..kept telling me something about "cookies" and "security" so i muged around with my settings (When i probably shouldnt have) and it still didnt work..UGH..so i re-set everything BACK to the way it was and coffed it off as being a blogger thing and not a "my computer thing"..and it works today!?


So like i was mentioning yesterday i am making another pair of fingerless gloves...I ditched the pattern i was using (too complicated and was not well written so i couldnt understand) and just made it up as i went along. I am not thrilled with the way it turned out. :( (i finished one glove)..but i am still going to go ahead and make the other one and let her (my sons girlfriend) decide if she likes them or not. ((I think i dont like how big the thumb hole is...ya, i think that's it!))
So here are the progress pictures:

Like i said, i finished up that one last night...did about 6 more rows of single crochet around the top. voila.

Also a few weeks ago i made 2 12X12 inch squares for a afghan for an online friend.
A bit of background info (She doesnt read this so i can write about it, it's a surprise)..She is a lovely lady who lost a baby a few months ago :( He had heart problems and didnt live long after birth. So very very sad.
A mutal online friend had the idea to make her an afghan called "love squared"...it's both a knit and crochet afghan. So here is my contrabution to it:

I like how they turned out and i am pleased with it overall, however, the multi-colored one, i am not too too thrilled with..I still like it but not as much as the green square. I LOVE the green one. I am thinking i might make an afghan for myself using that green pattern (which i didnt follow a pattern, just winged it *lol*)

Does any one have a pattern for a 12 month size shrug? a friend of mine is looking for a pattern and i cant seem to find ANYTHING online! grrrrrrrr.

I have it in my head i am going to make some cat toys. I have a FULL bag of catnip that I want to put inside the finished cat toys. ((I cannot for the life of me sprinkle catnip on my carpet because 1. i have a baby who crawls around and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and 2. it looks DIRTY..LMAO..)) I have heard of someone who stuffed the cat toy with plsatic bags because it makes a crinkle noise for the cat when it attacks it..so i might try that! Good idea to me!

OHHHHHHHH ZELLERS is having a sale on YARN..BUY 1 GET ONE FREE (of equal or lesser value) on SAT (tomorrow) ONLY!...Saw that in the flyer today!..Also they are having a percentage off certain crochet/knit/sewing items all weekend/next week long! :)

here's the link to the online flyer:
are there zellers in the us? i dont think so eh? sorry us folk! (but ya'll have Joann's and we dont! *not that i know of anyway*) *laughing*

till next time...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So here we go!

Hi ya!

So i decided to have a go at some finger-less PUNK gloves.
I wanted to make a pair for my oldest son's girl friend (Who i usted to baby sit and have known for years)....
this is the first pair i made and I LOVE THEM!..I am thinking of making myself a pair (because we all know how "punk" i am LMAO)..they only took a few hours...so why not eh?

My daughter had to get into the action in the last picture..LOL..obviously NOT the right size for a 3 year old!...LOL....
In the 3rd picture it's a bit bulky around my wrist because i had my watch on. doh!

So i am pretty damn pleased with the way they turned out! :) I took the pictures to send to the g/f because my describing them just didnt do them justice!..I sent her a pic of the pattern i followed and she LOVED it! (I made sure to ask her what she thought befor i went ahead and made them!)

Oh here is the pattern if your interested:

Ch 39Row
Row 1: sc in second ch from hk. sc in each ch across. ch 1 turn.Row 2-26: sc in blo (back Loops only) of each sc across. ch1 turn.Row 27: sl st into the first 8 sc. ch 1 sc in each sc across blo.

Row 28-37: sc in blo of each sc across. Do not sc in sl sts. Finish off. Fold so that short side matches up to the long side.
Sl St to join row 37 to row 1.
Make sure not sl st the thumb opening closed. Match up the edges of the long sides at the top of the glove and sl st them closed. Weave in ends.

**i did 2 rows of single crochet around them after then were done..I just think it needed a bit more to them.

So now i am doing ANOTHER pair of fingerless gloves...making the pattern up as i go..

I would post MORE pictures HOWEVER for some odd reason when i TRY and add MORE pictures to this post nothing shows up! i dont understand!?!?!?...
I had about 5 more pictures to post too!....

Maybe i will post this then make ANOTHER entry later?
ya...I will do that!