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Thursday, March 30, 2006

baby blanket #2 started!

So i started baby blanket #1...which i *think* i mentioned?
If not it's going to be a sock monkey type blanket. (have little sock monkey heads on some of the squares)..yes..I remember writing aboout it and posting pics of the yarn i was going to use.
I get bored of one thing easy...which bring me to...

It's one of thoes freebie patterns you get at Wal*Mart, Zellers, Michaels etc...
actually it's this one:

If you want the pattern it's on the BERNAT site (here's the direct url to it):

I have NEVER worked with "Bernat baby coordinates sweet stripes" befor...it's quite thin and sleek. When i was looking at the picture on the pattern i was led to believe it would be a somewhat THICK yarn ... guess not! but seeing as though all these baby's being born to my friends will be summer-ish babies, the light yarn is good!
This is the color i picked (same as the one of the free pattern paper)

This is a blanket for one of the twins being "cooked" by my friend..LOL..his twin brother will be getting the same blanket but in this color:

I made the blanket smaller (ch 90) instead of the (ch 160) it called for.
I figure the twins will be wee little guys. I dont want them getting lost in a BIG blanket!

I will post a picture on what i have done so far once my battery is charged for the digi cam. That darm battery seems to be losing juice RATHER quickly! grrrrrr...I wonder why it's doing that NOW?


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

That is really cool...it's from just one color of yarn I'm assuming? I'm always looking for Project Linus blankets and they like when you make ones without alot of holes in them..this ones' perfect. (just another percentage bar to add to my blog!)
P.S. where did you buy the yarn?

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

I checked on the photo shop thing and let me so oh my gosh. My hubby told me know that was too expensive. Mean old man. Oh well I think I can kinda use my printmaster thingy and make one that way. I'm trying. Love the colors. Cant wait to see them.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

Hey this is where Lucy told me to go and follow the directions and it is very easy. Have to give it a whirl. http://www.unlikelywords.com/html-morsels/


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