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Monday, March 27, 2006

Did a good 'ol sweepin'!

Ya, my computer get's all bogged up with my millions of bookmarks that i have saved. *laughing*
Ya never know when you will need that certain page on the WWW! *lol*

I have so many bookmark FOLDERS...
Crochet-ing BLOGS (this is where all you ARE!)
Crochet Patterns
Crochet Forums
Yarn Ordering
Get To crochet projects
Personal Homepages
Yahoo Groups
shirt printing (new enderver of mine)
Crafy Links

That is the NEW organized list...there were MUCH more folders on there befor! TRUST ME!

I went threw my CROCHET BLOGS folder and cut out 52 blogs...for various reasons but the main being if they have NOT updated since the new year...CUT CUT CUT. Why tie up precious computer space with people who have abandoned thier crochet blog...right? I am not totally ruth-less...I understand there are little "breaks" people have from writing, HECK i have been there...but after almost 3 months of NOTHING..sad sad sad..CUT CUT CUT.

Now i have to fix up this blog a bit and all ALL the other fav blogs that i dont have listed on the side...
I would totally delete my CROCHET BLOGS folder and just have them all on my blog but what would happen if my blog was whipped clean and i didnt have them anymore..A crochet-girl needs BACK-UP! LOL.

I whipped up a size 4 halter top (in deep red - like the one i made heather) for my niece...as per heather's request. She has taken an interest in knowning who her cousins are (she has 1 FIRST cousin which is my 1/2 sister's daughter and she is 4)..there are my cousins but she really doesnt get that..then there are the kids of MY cousins that are the same age as her but i think that's WAYYYYYYY past her understanding..LOL.
She is also into known who her "Friends" are..LOL..this is anyone from someone she saw walk by on the street the other day to my friends children (who are in and around her age)..fun fun!

So yah...I am also making squares still to make a baby blanket with. I get bored of something easy so i jump into something else..then back to what i was orginally working on. LOL

I still havent found a CANADAIN place that sells Lion Brand Lion Cotton in the 5 oz balls...but i can order from Lion Brand directly..pay the exchange, shipping and duty.
I did get the NEW MARY MAXIM catalog today and it has the SUGAR 'n CREAM in there...so if worst comes to worst i can order that in place of the LION COTTON...just means i have to either get the 2 1/2 oz balls (would need 4 @ $2.49 each BUT int he color i want) or get the 1-lb cone (for $16.99 in a color i am not too keen on *Ecru*)..PLUS shipping which would be about $6-$8...

oh well..I will mull it over for a few more days and see what happens!

K - bye


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