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Friday, March 24, 2006


yes, i REALLY need help (& not in the metal health department *laughing*) i mean REAL HELP befor i END up in some mental health facility....

I have been to 4 (FOUR) store in SEARCH of a CERTAIN brand of yarn to make YEEHAW LADY from the Stitch 'n bitch crochet book. I have been to ZELLERS, Wal*mart, MICHAELS & a yarn wearhouse...and they dont have/carry it.

What i am LOOKING for is:
LION BRAND lion cotton
5 oz, 140g/236 yd/212m
It's a All Natural 4 ply - medium worst-weight

I have SEARCHED for online store that i can order it form (i am in canada and would prefere to order in canada as it would save me on shipping & converting canadian funds to american funds) and i cannot find ANYWHERE...

So my question is...What other ALTERNATIVE to LION BRAND can i use that would be the same?
Here is a canadian website that i can order from:
can ANYONE help me figure out an alternative brand then LION BRAND..because OBVIOUSLY stores done carry LION COTTON around here! *pulls hair out*

I am going CRAZY because i want to make this "hat"...

My LAST alternative is if someone is willing to get me the yarn and ship it to me...I will pay for it plus the postage.

(btw Michaels doesnt carry ANY 100$ cotton EXCEPT for the little balls that you make dishcloths out of...go michaels *sarcasm*)

please help?


At 6:21 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

First need to know what color, second have you checked ebay, and third if no one else can recommend a site and you find it on ebay and they wont ship to canada and some sort I could and would get it for you.

Now the material: You kinda of tie knots in a way sorta...lol....when you get your one inch strips you then make little slits in the end of each strip. then you hold strip a over strip b line the ends up with the slit, then you take the other end of strip a and going from under strip b tuck through the slits then pull tight. If that dont make sense I will take pics and post it on my site. LOL...My head is spinning so I hope you got it.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Have you check out the Lion Brand sites Yarn substitute list? It's
Just copy and paste this into your address bar. If not...I google everything and always come up with an answer...good luck!

At 7:18 AM, Blogger CrochetWithDee said...

Did you know you can order direct from Lion Brand? ... check it out: http://pages.e-yarn.com/6030/InventoryPage/1694520/1.html
I hope this helps,

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