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Friday, March 03, 2006

It's about time!

So yesterday after i posted what i had to i TRIED to post another entry with more pictures HOWEVER seems blogger and i were having some "ISSUES" and it wouldnt let me..kept telling me something about "cookies" and "security" so i muged around with my settings (When i probably shouldnt have) and it still didnt work..UGH..so i re-set everything BACK to the way it was and coffed it off as being a blogger thing and not a "my computer thing"..and it works today!?


So like i was mentioning yesterday i am making another pair of fingerless gloves...I ditched the pattern i was using (too complicated and was not well written so i couldnt understand) and just made it up as i went along. I am not thrilled with the way it turned out. :( (i finished one glove)..but i am still going to go ahead and make the other one and let her (my sons girlfriend) decide if she likes them or not. ((I think i dont like how big the thumb hole is...ya, i think that's it!))
So here are the progress pictures:

Like i said, i finished up that one last night...did about 6 more rows of single crochet around the top. voila.

Also a few weeks ago i made 2 12X12 inch squares for a afghan for an online friend.
A bit of background info (She doesnt read this so i can write about it, it's a surprise)..She is a lovely lady who lost a baby a few months ago :( He had heart problems and didnt live long after birth. So very very sad.
A mutal online friend had the idea to make her an afghan called "love squared"...it's both a knit and crochet afghan. So here is my contrabution to it:

I like how they turned out and i am pleased with it overall, however, the multi-colored one, i am not too too thrilled with..I still like it but not as much as the green square. I LOVE the green one. I am thinking i might make an afghan for myself using that green pattern (which i didnt follow a pattern, just winged it *lol*)

Does any one have a pattern for a 12 month size shrug? a friend of mine is looking for a pattern and i cant seem to find ANYTHING online! grrrrrrrr.

I have it in my head i am going to make some cat toys. I have a FULL bag of catnip that I want to put inside the finished cat toys. ((I cannot for the life of me sprinkle catnip on my carpet because 1. i have a baby who crawls around and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and 2. it looks DIRTY..LMAO..)) I have heard of someone who stuffed the cat toy with plsatic bags because it makes a crinkle noise for the cat when it attacks it..so i might try that! Good idea to me!

OHHHHHHHH ZELLERS is having a sale on YARN..BUY 1 GET ONE FREE (of equal or lesser value) on SAT (tomorrow) ONLY!...Saw that in the flyer today!..Also they are having a percentage off certain crochet/knit/sewing items all weekend/next week long! :)

here's the link to the online flyer:
are there zellers in the us? i dont think so eh? sorry us folk! (but ya'll have Joann's and we dont! *not that i know of anyway*) *laughing*

till next time...


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