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Sunday, March 05, 2006

my tattoo's

thought i would throw some pics of them up here...

1st one i got (professionally) was a rose on my right breast..I *think* i was 18.

2nd i got in Oct 2001. After the loss of my second child (miscarried Sept 2001) it's the chinese symbol for "Angel"...it's in his/her memory. It is on my left calf..well..just above my ankle

I have little home-made ones (As i like to call them because they were NOT professionally done. I did them..they are super small and not worth talking about because..well...you cant see them much! LOL..

I want to get 2 more. 1 that has to do with my life with Paul (I am thinking of adding onto the rose tattoo...maybe putting his name in there. The other one, i want all 3 of my babies names in there (zachary, heather-anne & john)..maybe just the first letter of thier name because that would be ALOT of tattooing! LOL.
I am going to design them both...but nothing has come to me..I will wait untill that time comes :)

here are the pics!


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

I like the idea that all the tatoos have meaning. A friend of mine got a tatoo of a rose on her left breast (her mom's name was Rose)She said it would be a long stem rose when she got to be 80 (heh-heh). How the heck did you do your own...OUCH! The butterfly would be a symbol of coming out of my shell sorta speak. Plus I've always just loved the monarch!

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

I missed your post last week on the second pair of fingerless gloves....I like those alot! Also I personally like the multi-colored yarn better...but that's my personality (multi-colored)! Also, check out the lion brand site for some cute cat toys...made one for my cat for Christmas...the dog found it...unwrapped it (with her teeth of course) and started playing with it...go figure!


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