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Saturday, March 25, 2006

ok ok think i might have it!

So right now it's my LIFE's MISSION (obsession?) to find this damn 100% cotton in 5oz balls...to make YEEHAW LADY (cowboy hat)

I decided to go threw my old mary maxim catalogs and i *found* Sugar 'n Cream which is the same as Lion Brand Cotton EXCEPT they dont make it in the 5oz balls... they ONLY come in 1-il cones (in 3 solid colors only that are not really my preference) and in 2 1/2 oz balls (in a WIDE variety of colors i LIKE..ESPECIALLY the :softly taupe)....Did i mention wal*mart does NOT carry this brand? OR Zellers...OR Michaels...OR the yarn outlet i go to? GRRRRRRRRR....
So delema there is...do i get the 1-lb cone and go with either white, Ecru or Cream and have to measure out 212 meters of it, ball it so i can have 2 stands together (what the pattern calls to do..crochet with 2 strands together). OR so i get 5 balls of the other stuff and have to TIE 2 of them together so i can get enought yard-age to make the hat (which i DONT want to do because i dont want a damn KNOT in the pattern TWICE.


NOW, i also see in the mag that there are 2 other cottons i could work with HOWEVER

One is the CLEAN COTTON and it's a Size 10 "MERCERIZED" cotton. I had no idea what MERCERIZED meant so i looked it up and it basically told me it was something to "strenghten" the cotton. (any one else know what it means? please tell me if i am wrong)..It comes in ALOT of colors i like (I am going for a tan/light brown hat)..It comes in 1094 years so i would have plenty just would have to measure out the yardage i need and cut it..time consuming i think...

There is another called ANNE COTTON and it's a SPORT WEIGHT cotton...it comes in 546 yards so cutting again to get the right yardage ugh.

So here's another questions.
The pattern calls for 100% WORSTED WEIGHT COTTON..
can i substite with either of the two i just mentioned...
being the size 10 MERCERIZED ot the SPORT WEIGHT cotton and get the same look/results?

ALSO I dont quite understand the sizes of some cotton...does it mean the thickness of the cotton string? because both the Lion cotton and the Sugar 'n Cream cotton done specify size...where as others do...
I am soooooooo getting FRUSTRATED with this..

Life would be so much less complicated if we have the LION COTTON here in CANADA!?..why dont we? WHY WHY WHY? (seriously people i have called EVERY year store here..plus the dept stores that carry yarn and they DO NOT have lion cotton OR sugar 'n cream)...I looked on freaking e-bay and they have SOME on there but only 1 damn ball..I NEED TWO and the colors are icky. i dont want a tangerine orange cowboy hat..or a cotton candy pink hat. *cries*

So ya...
back to my orginal question...
are either of the CLEA COTTON or the ANNE COTTON and substitute?

Clea cotton:

Anne cotton

Sugar n Cream Worsted Weight Yarn:

Sugar n Cream Worsted Weight Yarn Cones:


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

I think that as long as you can get the correct guage from whatever yarn you use you are okay. I would feel comfortable going with the Sugar And Cream myself. Hope you get an answer from someone who knows for sure tho.

At 5:52 AM, Blogger ButterflyLane said...

The sugar and cream is sold at hobby lobby here, and there is a very similar brand called peaches and creme sold at walmart.
Here's the website for the peaches and creme manufacturer (you can order straight from the website). http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/products1.htm

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Tara said...

I always have that prob with yarns. But then again, I can't get Chicken n' Stars soup here in Canadaland, either. And I am NOT paying 25 bucks shipping for yarn, lol.
Good luck. Let us know.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

you can buy lion brand cotton online. i ordered some from Knitting-Warehouse.com to make the violet beauregard skirt. for the yeehaw lady hat, i'm using the afore mentioned sugar & cream/peaches & cream yarn. i recently read somewhere that mercerization (?) is the process that gives the cotton yarn the shiny finish, as opposed to the dull/matte finish. good luck!


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