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Thursday, March 02, 2006

So here we go!

Hi ya!

So i decided to have a go at some finger-less PUNK gloves.
I wanted to make a pair for my oldest son's girl friend (Who i usted to baby sit and have known for years)....
this is the first pair i made and I LOVE THEM!..I am thinking of making myself a pair (because we all know how "punk" i am LMAO)..they only took a few hours...so why not eh?

My daughter had to get into the action in the last picture..LOL..obviously NOT the right size for a 3 year old!...LOL....
In the 3rd picture it's a bit bulky around my wrist because i had my watch on. doh!

So i am pretty damn pleased with the way they turned out! :) I took the pictures to send to the g/f because my describing them just didnt do them justice!..I sent her a pic of the pattern i followed and she LOVED it! (I made sure to ask her what she thought befor i went ahead and made them!)

Oh here is the pattern if your interested:

Ch 39Row
Row 1: sc in second ch from hk. sc in each ch across. ch 1 turn.Row 2-26: sc in blo (back Loops only) of each sc across. ch1 turn.Row 27: sl st into the first 8 sc. ch 1 sc in each sc across blo.

Row 28-37: sc in blo of each sc across. Do not sc in sl sts. Finish off. Fold so that short side matches up to the long side.
Sl St to join row 37 to row 1.
Make sure not sl st the thumb opening closed. Match up the edges of the long sides at the top of the glove and sl st them closed. Weave in ends.

**i did 2 rows of single crochet around them after then were done..I just think it needed a bit more to them.

So now i am doing ANOTHER pair of fingerless gloves...making the pattern up as i go..

I would post MORE pictures HOWEVER for some odd reason when i TRY and add MORE pictures to this post nothing shows up! i dont understand!?!?!?...
I had about 5 more pictures to post too!....

Maybe i will post this then make ANOTHER entry later?
ya...I will do that!


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Oh my GOSH! You must have time on your hands...an actual posting....with PICTURES! (hey, by the by, nice buttons!) I like those gloves...I'll have to try those...nice job. (no wonder you weren't blogging...you were crocheting...ok, I'll forgive you...this time!) Now go make some Hot Dog Soup!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Jana said...

hi there, found you through coffee crochet:) i have been searching for those warmers for so long, thanks for posting the pattern, i need to make some for spring gardening:)


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