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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

take 18001

ya..ANNOYING as hell to post here some times.

After re-visiting folk-n-fancy (http://folk-n-fancy.blogspot.com/) to re look at the damn bean man that i have aganized over for an evening/night/morning i am TRYING to make this post again. Go look at the damn beans...run run run right over to her blog!

So i have finished some things. YES! I, the slacker of all sorts have finshed up some very fine crochet things!
wanna seeeeeee?

made my baby boy a hat/scarf set for SPRING..because hot-damn hats and scarves are NOT just for the winter!

made my daughter 2 halter tops..the red one is by far my fav..and i have people asking me to make them some for thier children and other people telling me to SELL them!! (not the children, the halter tops...hehehehehe) (& now it's not halter and short weather..we are STILL getting snow, i just thought it was a summer-y picture day!)

I made a cat toy stuffed with a plastic bag (someone mentioned using that instead of batting because it makes a crinkle-y noise) and put cat nip in there. It was NOT a hit with my 3 fur-babies :( i think the "kitty-crack" was bad (aka catnip). LOL I didnt take a pic because it was such a FLOP with them! LOL

I got the book ".Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker " I LOVE IT!!! i cant wait to start something! ..my eldest son wants me to make him the anarcy (sp?) beanie!... and there are a few other things in there i wouldnt mid making for MYSELF *gasp..what a concept that is..making something for ME!?*

So I have a picture of me and my eldest...He JUST got his braces off a few days ago and is THRILLED...He has to go back on monday and get his semi-permenant retainers in (bottom is permantly put in there for a year..the top ones come out to eat. - now he started off with top and bottom retainers befor the braces went on and about 4 months SHY of when he should have gotten the braces he went and LOST the top AND bottom ones..NOT HAPPY CAMPERS here..but thankfully the retianers did do thier job and he got the braces put on earlier. ok done this rant).
So we have been snapping pictures left and right! MONEY WELL SPENT (still paying..only got $900 left to go!..thank goddess that paul's work covered 60% of the total..which was a WHOPPING $4500.00. but agian i stress..MONEY WELL SPENT! :)
So here is me and my boy (yes, befor it comes out your mouth..we look more like brother & sister then we do son & mother..i said it befor..I am CURSED with looking YOUNG)

I GUESS i will have to come back and make ANOTHER entry because it WONT LET ME post ANYMORE pictures...GAWD!..what a pain in the buttocks!


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Could those cuties of yours (aka your kids) be any ADORABLE!!! Oh, yeah, and the projects you crocheted were great too!! Do you have a book of "witty" words to use on your blog...they are great..."kitty crack"...."velcro monkeys", etc...LOL. Thanks for pitch...even if it was in disgust!!! Great to see ya blogging too!


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