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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

so blogger...

has been acting up for me...lets see if this works *cries* (I wasnt able to update or anything!)

I finished heather's tank top..
Very pleased with it...here look:

THEN someone asked if i could make thier daughter one...so i did...I had to make the pattern to fit a size 5/6 child..so i figured out what the measurements for a a size 5/6 would be and make it to fit..I REALLY hope i nailed it..
here's pictures of that:

I am getting pretty fast at making them! I am not going to bother posting a pic of the 1st one that was messed up ...WAIT...I will post a compairison one..just for the hell of it..K?

Obviously the blue one was the BAD PATTERN one..and the white with blue trim was MY pattern.

I like the way it turned out :)

I dont know what to make next!!!!
I am at a lost right now..I have lots of yarn, just have to find something that catches me eye...I do a few baby blankets and an afghan on the go..but thoes get BORING after awhile..heheheheh...takes too long and lately i dont have the patience! heheheh

What else?
My oldest SON is going to be 15 on Monday *sniffles*

umm that's it for now!

Monday, April 24, 2006


blogger wont let me upload pictures.
this sucks.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Blog Lines!

I updated my blog lines...forgot i had it untill Lucy reminded me of it! LMAO...

So i have 39 feeds on there *yikes* that's alot off blogs...:) but i LOVE them all!!!!

So have a ?:
Where do you get your blog layouts from? (urls?)
I am SO sick of this one...I HATE the layout (and why did all my links and that on the right side go to the bottom?).
AND when you change your layout..do i lose all my info that i orginally put in there?
should i hav a back up of the template stored somewhere "just in case"?

I cant ost any pics STILL...Paul STILL needs to put the digi cam software on the newly re-formatted puter..LOL.

My tank top is turning out AWSOME.
I altered it to look EXACTLY how i wanted it.
I am putting on the shoulder straps now.
I am going to write about the pattern for it as well (since i pretty much wrote it to MY likeing)

Learning from this EXPERIENCE i am NEXT going to make a TANK DRESS! :)
yahhhhhh me!
now if only my daughter will wear it! LMAO...she can be a picky one. Maybe if i let her pick out the yarn colors she will! whoohoooo!
(an excuse to go and get more yarn!)

Friday, April 21, 2006

so i'm a little annoyed.

It doesnt happen often that i get annoyed or even *gasp* PEEVED but i am.

I ordered a parttern online from someone.
I follow the pattern to a "T" (too much so some might have called me ANAL), i checked my gauge threw-out just to double check (& triple check etc)..I was REALLY excited because i loved the look of it in the pictures she had.
Well, here's where my peevy-y-ness comes in.
There were a "few" errors in the pattern. Nothing major just something that would make you RIP out rows and rows and make you think it was YOUR miscounting....THEN....after i am done (thinking it looks a little odd) i try it on my 3 year old daughter (made the 3-4 pattern which she fits in BOTH size clothes) and it's WAYYYYYYYY to short and about 4 sizes too wide. *sigh*
Now my daughter is an averge size kid..maybe a little on the small size BUT she does fit into the clothes sizes that i MADE the tank top to fit.

I am annoyed at the fact that i paid $5 US (canadian would be about $6.50ish?) and there is no way it will fit.

I know someone else who has bought some patterns from her as well and they were "off" too.

So, i took it upon myself to use her pattern as a guideline to FIT heather. (sugested to me by my friend who was going to use it as a guideline as well)
So far it's working out & fitting the way it SHOULD.
(the finished one i made looked NOTHING like the picture of it that a girl is wearing modeling it).

YA..tad bit annoyed.
I am not going to bother contacting the person who wrote the pattern and sold it...because well, i dont want the confrontation and what's she going to do? refund my money? i think not...so i am just going to SUCK IT UP and stick to buying patterns from books! LOL.

I would post pics but my husband still hasnt installed the digital camera software so i can get the pictures off the camera. that will come when he has some free time.


Onto FUN news....

I got the lastest issue of CROCHET! (new one comes out at the end of this month i think?)..LOVE IT! has some things in there that i am DEFINITLY going to make!!! there is even a skirt/shall pattern in there that i would so wear. (if i was a skirt kinda girl..LMAO - but i would make it anyways!)..there are some cute kids things in there too! and god knows i love making my kids things!!!! :)

Also we FINALLY got some nice storage containers for my YARN!!!!
I was using one of thoe HUGE rubbermaid buckets with a lid. It was a eye sore in the bed room...SOOOOOO...Paul took me to Zellers yesterday and we got some storage stackers that were 30% off till today!!!! WHOOHOOOOOOO so instead of paying $29.99 i paid $20! I got two..thinking that would be PLENTLY of room with room for MORE yarn..NOPE. It JUST fits EVERYTHING i have.
I have them stacked one on top of the other. If i got another, it would be to the ceiling! sooo that's outta the question..and i dont have room in the bedroom for another to go on the side....So i just have to use up the yarn i have and get more! hehehehehehe. (i will take pics and post them when i can)


OHHHH wanna know what else peeves me off?
I went to CHAPTERS yesterday because paul offered to get me some crochet mags (what a good husband!) and they only had 2! TWO FREAKING MAGAZINES on crochet...they had about 10 KNITTING ones..but only 2 crochet ones..and i looked threw them (one was a reg size one & the other was a little annies attick one) and there was NOTHING i would have made...so i left.

Decided MICHAELS should have more right?
They had TWO...the one that chapters had and CROCHET!...so i got CROCHET!.
Talk about a disapointment! shishhhhhhh.
I also got a BOYE "I" hook (I LOVE BOYE hooks - and i lost my last one) and some of thoes free patterns.

I am a CROCHET WORLD fan..so i am waiting PAIENTLY for that one to come out at the end of the month. (hurry month..END!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well HI there!

yes, fear not, i am still alive!!!

Computer was being a crapper..in the end Paul had to re-formatt! and i lost all my email addy's..AND my beloved bookmarks are ALL over the place *Cries*

Oh well...c'est la vie! :)

I have been keeping busy with my crochet projects!
made heather the bunny head pillow & the stuffed egg for john for easter.
made my mom some dishclothes
and am almost done a tank top for heather! yahhhhhhhh

I got my book in the mail today that i ordered off ebay!!!

I got it for about $15 with the shipping included...go here if interested:
Plus take a look at her ebay store while your at it! :)
I love when i get good prompt buisness!

the littlest velcro monkey is up! have to runnnnnnnn!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

some one SLAP ME!


I really dont mean to neglect my blog...really i dont...*Sad face* sometimes i just dont have the time to come here....
but i try..


So..wanna see my swinging monkeys? (aka: my VELCRO monkeys?)

now onto the crochet front:
Here is what was done as of a few days ago on the baby blanket i am making..I love the colors..(i'm funky that way) and it's a easy crochet..which i love!

I also made heather a scarf-y thing for her hair..oh wait..i have a pic:

(my mil is in the pic)

Made Heather a hat too..From the book:

This is the SECOND time i borrow it from the library..i <3 it soooo much..
So much so i decided to BUY it..so i searched online..and beleive it or not it was cheaper to buy it off EBAY (not the canadian one because that's where i am..CANADA)..so that's what i did! yahhhhhh me!

Go here and look at it.
It has the "buy it now", so its not really an action.
LOVE this pattern book (alot of stuff in there i will make for heather!) ohhh yah..gonna be one busy girl this summer!

So there's my update!
ya ya ya....