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Thursday, May 25, 2006

i come bearing pictures!!!

well hello there!


Here are some pics of the sweater poncho i made heather (cant find where the pattern is online but i do have it saved on my computer, if you want it i cant email it to you, just leave your email addy!) & the mesh skull cap from Chell (http://www.luv2crochet.com/meshskullcap.pdf)

Awhile backn i made john a pair of LONGIES...I followed Dot's pattern for these (http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com/archive/24.html)

They are a tad bit small on john..well they actually fit him PERFECT right now, however if he grows a little..WONT FIT! LOL..Paul HATES them..LOL..he thinks thier ok for hammie bottoms (I agree) but "please dont take him out in public in thoes!"..LMAO..i do agree. Next time i will use a smaller stitch and hook! LOL.
but i am very pleased with how they turned out! :)

I went and FOUND yarn that i have been searching for forever!
I got some BERNAT cotton tots AND TLC cotton plus!
bernat cotton tots i got 3 balls of BLUEBERRY and 1 ball of little boy blue to make the Pretty in Pink Halter Top w/ Shrug on luv2crochet's site (www.luv2crochet.com)

and the TLC cotton plus in KIWI to make the Peasant Style Crochet Top on the same site.

WHOHOOOO gonna have lots to keep me busy (on top of all the other baby blankets i have on the go! LOL)

OHHHHHH and i am making some little chicks for a friend who just got 4 chicks! here is a pic of one of the ones i made, i still have to get little black beads for eyes:

the other 3 i will post pics of when i am done :) it's a surprise for her but i think i am safe posting them here! (she doesnt know about this blog)

and one last pic...of my cute cute john boy!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

gotta gotta gotta...

really really "gotta" type up the pattern i designed for a caplet!
My good friend is going to test it out for me...then i will post it FOR FREE for a short time :)

I like to day it turned out, my first time ACTUALLY writting out a pattern as i go...it's VERY time consuming, stopping, writting, crocheting, stopping, writting etc...dont know if i will do that again.
I like the fact that i designed something and am thrilled to share it but HOT DAMN it takes awhile! LOL. How do people do it? (and mine isnt complex at all...I would definitly say beginner (I think, i will let my "tester" tell me what she thinks).

I STILL have to take pics of what i have done in the past months...I slack. i know.
I have to get better.
must. kick. own. ass.


i am wearing my tiara..heheheheh..the one i wore for my wedding.
Some days i feel "princess-y" other's i dont...today i do! hehehehehehe (I wont wear it out in public..LMAO..just around the house)...really i am nto "that" vain ROTFLMAO.

So got any questions for me?
shoot away because i am at a loss to what to write about!

Friday, May 12, 2006

The BESTEST 6 mins EVER!

you have to see this...hehehehe

if that doesnt work go here:



Thursday, May 11, 2006

wanna see???

what $30 of yarn looks like? (well $29.somthing)
It was BUY 1 GET ONE FREE at Zellers today and tomorrow ONLY:

I havent EVER used TLC baby befor...so thought i would give it a try...
does anyone not like it?
I am thinking some summer tops and dress's are in order for the TLC...

The The BERNAT baby boucle (it's actually a blue with purple threw it - you cant really tell in the pic i think) i am going to make John a hoodie with it...

The other BERNAT I dont know what to do with....hummmmm....I can stash it for later...no worried! LOL

I havent taken pics of the stuff i have made...(bad bad me)...
I made a pair of longies for john which paul and my mother think are from the 60's-70's..WHAT DO THEY KNOW!?..I LIKE em!
and i made the poncho sweater with hat for heather.
Also did post pictures of the bunny and easter egg pillow i made for the little kids for easter...
AND i totally forgot to take a pic of the beanie i crocheted for my niece while visiting her over the weekend.
My sister thought it was FREAKY that i was sitting there visiting and crocheting at the same time. *laughing* you can tell she isnt very crafty eh? she cant even SEW a button on..hard to believe she is a sister of mine!? (1/2 sister actually) LOL..she goesnt have a crafty anything in her! LOL...oh wait..i lied..she made some paper once but i never seen it. LOL

She has asked me to make her daughter a poncho sweater like heathers. I will get to it eventually. LOL

I am TRYING to find a short sleeve top pattern (size 3/4) to make for heather...FREE online of course...and i CANT seem to find one ANYWHERE!...does anyone know of any? FREE. LMAO. (I am cheap! i love my free patterns!)

toodles for now!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

yes! SHE's ALIVE!!!


all i can say is..I SUCK..I know..I will whip my butt into gear and be a more loyal blogger!

Today i got my CROCHET PATTERN A DAY 2006 CALENDAR in the mail! whoohoooooo!
I had thought it was totally out of print however, my wonderful husband found it for me on calendars.com and whoohoooo i HAVE IT! (and he found a 25% off coupon online - it might still be valad if anyone is interested...just leave me a message and i will get it from him and send it yer way).

Also my WONDERFUL friend sent me a CARON pattern booklet in the mail!!! WHOOHOOOOit's some patterns to make with SIMPLE SOFT BRITES :)
I am going in SEARCH of the yarn! (they dont carry it at wal*mart OR zellers)...does MICHAELS carry it? hummmmmm.....

ALSO if this week cant get any better...ZELLERS is having a BUY 1 GET ONE FREE on YARN on thrusday and friday!!!
this time i am not waiting till friday..I am going to go on thursday bright and early....oh yes..yes i will!!!

I have pics to post but they are still on the digi cam...will get to thoes :)

HI! i am BACK! hehehehehe

Monday, May 01, 2006

I FROGGED it all!!!

I so love that term!!!

So i am making a poncho sweater in hopes my daughter will ACTUALLY wear it. I may beven make her a matching skull cap *whoohoooo*

Anyways i got about 3/4ths done and reaslized..this isnt working right...i FIGURED out what my problem was (after mulling at it for HOURS)...so i frogged MANY MANY MANY rows (3/4ths of a 5 oz ball of Bernat Softee Baby) and had to re-ball it...lots of fun.

I started ALLLLLL over....got to the 4th row only to realize the pattern i was doing was MESSED up (prob why i was having a bugger of the time in the first place - i found TWO errors in the pattern). *screams* i know "accidents" happen when writing out a pattern HOWEVER the past 2 patterns i have pulled off the internet have had GRAVE errors in them, and to be quite frank, it's PEEVING ME OFF! (how hard is it to get people to test out your pattern befor you plaster it all over the internet?, or better yet, how about the person test it out a few times and see how it goes? i understand there is "human error" but COMMON! LMAO)
So i noted the error..wrote in the PROPER way to do it and will type it up and keep it for my files.

So yah, that was my day yesterday..crocheting, then frogging, then re-balling, then starting again, then re-writting the pattern, now crocheting again *yahhhhhhh*..sweet sweet relaxing crochet!

Did i mention baby blanet #2 was started?
using this yarn:

It's Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes color Melon Stripes.
it's for a boy. I made the other blanket with this color for his twin brother already:

I love the self stripping!

MY BABY (oldest son) ZAC is 15 today!!!!! yahhhhhh :)
where did the time go?
@ 3:20am May.01.1991 he was born..and i STILL remember the day fully :)