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Thursday, May 11, 2006

wanna see???

what $30 of yarn looks like? (well $29.somthing)
It was BUY 1 GET ONE FREE at Zellers today and tomorrow ONLY:

I havent EVER used TLC baby befor...so thought i would give it a try...
does anyone not like it?
I am thinking some summer tops and dress's are in order for the TLC...

The The BERNAT baby boucle (it's actually a blue with purple threw it - you cant really tell in the pic i think) i am going to make John a hoodie with it...

The other BERNAT I dont know what to do with....hummmmm....I can stash it for later...no worried! LOL

I havent taken pics of the stuff i have made...(bad bad me)...
I made a pair of longies for john which paul and my mother think are from the 60's-70's..WHAT DO THEY KNOW!?..I LIKE em!
and i made the poncho sweater with hat for heather.
Also did post pictures of the bunny and easter egg pillow i made for the little kids for easter...
AND i totally forgot to take a pic of the beanie i crocheted for my niece while visiting her over the weekend.
My sister thought it was FREAKY that i was sitting there visiting and crocheting at the same time. *laughing* you can tell she isnt very crafty eh? she cant even SEW a button on..hard to believe she is a sister of mine!? (1/2 sister actually) LOL..she goesnt have a crafty anything in her! LOL...oh wait..i lied..she made some paper once but i never seen it. LOL

She has asked me to make her daughter a poncho sweater like heathers. I will get to it eventually. LOL

I am TRYING to find a short sleeve top pattern (size 3/4) to make for heather...FREE online of course...and i CANT seem to find one ANYWHERE!...does anyone know of any? FREE. LMAO. (I am cheap! i love my free patterns!)

toodles for now!


At 7:15 AM, Blogger Courtney said...

Lucky! Can not help with the pattern other than Google it which you probally already have so :( I am sorry! frown again :( Love the colors you got. I know the part of not having a crafty sister. She needs me to help her sew anything and everything. Have a good weekend! Happy Mother's Day!


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