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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

in the past few days...

I have finshed 3 crochet items/things. LOL

For father's day i made paul GROMIT (minus the face because i didnt have the proper buttons and didnt want to se just any ol' buttons cus it's GROMIT!!!!)..Paul LOVED it even without a face (he's a brit so wallace & gromit is a fav). We also got him 2 Dvd's he wanted and a gazebo/sun shade that fella fter 2 days. We returned it and got a re-fund and he is using tha money for "man-building-supplies"..LMAO.

After i made Gromit heather wanted a stuffed toy so i let her pic from about 10 patterns and she picked....THIS:


After that was done i decided to try ONE more time on the shrug that goes with the tank-y top that i posted pics of. I figured it would go smootly because the top did..NOPE. I . WAS. WRONG.
I am the type of person who likes FULL instructions..word for word. This was a bit challenging for me. BEcause when someone says: "word 79 dc's evenly spaced around" i NEED to know EXACTLY where to put the buggers. So i tried it 3 times...didnt end up with 79 evenly spaced dc's so a friend of mine basically told me where to put them. GRRRRR. Me and numbers are NOT good. I HATE MATH..so iHATED figuring out where these stitches would go (it wasnt like they were in a straight line, it was in rounds. UGH.
So i finished the matching shrug to the top and i will NOT be making that shrug again!..too much of a hastle.

So i have been busy!

Now i have to make the CANADA DAY Top that a friend of mine designed for me! yahhhhhhh...
AND i have to make a top for my neiece for her b-day (the same one i made heather a post ago :)) Except my neice's is going to be PINK with blue trim & a size bigger!.

so yeah...enought from me...stuff to get started on!

p.s. What is up with trying to post pics on here...took me a good 30 MINS to TRY and get them on here then i had to upload them ONE by ONE and that didnt even work 1/2 the time.
This is VERY annoying.
Anyone know a better site this is? (THAT WORKS!?)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

HOT off the HOOKS (since i used 2)

this is only the frist 1/2...still have to do the shrug that goes with it..and you SO know i am going to get at that in a few hours!!!! (After shower..tidying up)

It's the pattern: Pretty in Pink Halter Top w/ Shrug
From: http://www.luv2crochet.com/salepatterns.html (i used different colors)
I used the recomened yarn..bernat cotton tots..LOVE IT.
I LOVE LOVE working with cotton tots..and i LOVE LOVE this pattern! it was sooooo easy and worked up really fast!
I am going to make my neice one for her b-day in a few weeks (using different colors)
I hope the shrug goes along as smoothly as this did...so here it is....

WOW..i'm ontop of this blog arn't i? LOL....

Handful of CHICKS.

totally forgot to show the 4 little chickies i made for a friend (that i have to mail out to her - it's a surprise!)

I made heather a CANADA DAY HAT to match the CANADA DAY Top i am going to make her (from a friends design).

and here is my latest project...just a progress pic...i took that yesterday but since them i have added the length i wanted and put the trim on the bottom! All that's left is to put on the straps and trim around! whoohoooo...then it's the SHRUG part!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Crocheted Sock Monkey???

HELP ME....ehhehehhe

Does anyone know where there is a FREE pattern online to make a crocheted sock monkey?
the LONG thin ones?

Any help would be greatly apperciated...

Speaking of monkeys...wanna see my velcro monkeys? hehehehehe
John is 15 months & Heather-Anne is 3

Friday, June 09, 2006


so who's VOYERING me? do you like what you see? the least you can do is throw me some yarn, no hooks, they hurt!

really..who reads me? *laughing*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

interested in testing patterns?

A good friend of mine has started designing crochet items and is DAMN good at it!

She started a YAHOO group for people to test her patterns. I am also the co-moderator.

She will approve people for the group to make the group more personal and so it won’t get out of control with hundreds of thousands of members.

If you are interested please visit here:

Or go to:
and search for:

Her patterns are more geared for children (clothing) right now but she has plans to expand on handbags, house wares, appliqués & hats.

Thanks guys!

Friday, June 02, 2006

i am a pattern tester! LOL

so i joined a yahoo club for testing someone's patterns...
The 1st (and only) one i have done so far is a Christmas Tree Potholder. (kinda wierd doing christmast stuff when we're just comming into SUMMER) hehehee
here it is:

What else have i been working on?
hummmm..I have a bunch of baby afghans that need finishing within the next 6 weeks! *yikes* so i MUST bet my butt in gear!
I also started a poncho sweater for my niece, like the one i made heather. Just different colors.

I went on a "crochet" shopping spree! hehehehe...Got me some patterns for things i want to make heather for the summer (http://www.luv2crochet.com/salepatterns.html - i have the Pretty in Pink Halter Top w/ Shrug Pattern, Peasant Style Crochet Top Pattern, & Simply Sweet Halter Top Pattern) and got me the recomended yarn! ($5 a ball! that's MUCHO bucks for me seeing as i normally stalk up on SALE items and stash them for later - however i didnt have any of the ones it called for).

I so am DYING to start on these HOWEVER i have to get these baby blankets DONE and shipped! like..NOW! LOL.

I also want to make a CANADA DAY outfit for heather (I'm in Canada remember??) that's red and white. Either a tank top style thingy or a lite and airy dress? hummmmm i dont know! i have a little less then a month to have it done! *july 1st is canada day!*

so much to dooooo!

I'll leave you with some pics of my velcro monkeys....
guess BLOGGER wont let me seeing as i TRIED to load more imagine 2 FREAKING times...will have to wait for another post! Grrrr@blogger!