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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

another FO'd

i finished off my nieces top (like the one i made heather a few posts down excpet SANS shrug). It's in a dark pink with a light pink trim. I used COTTON TOTS (will have a pic later when i get around to taking the pic). IT WAS sepost to be for her b-day..which was last week. I will ship if off to her in the mail.

You know what i have noticed?
If i make a dead line for something i make...like for a pressent. I NEVER finish it on time. No matter if i give myself a MONTH to do..NEVER finish it.
I think i have come to the conclusion NO MATTER WHAT i am a procrastinator. (sp? - i SUCK at english spelling, i blaim it on being FRENCH and learning mostly in frech in school). I should not make dead lines...dead lines are BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

I still am working on the baby blanket...on and off threw out the day. great fun!

I also started on a short set for heather that someone posted a pattern for over at crochetville....
it's the first tank/short set on her blog.

I am doing it in CARON SIMPLY SOFT BRIGHTS color:PAPAYA that my good friend sent me!!! (we cant get that brand over here in canada! grrrrrrrr).
I REALLY like the "sheen" to this yarn...it's not a yarn texture i have worked with befor...quite enjoyable!

I started it this morning while the younger children blasted music (Markus http://hometown.aol.com/himarkus/myhomepage/newsletter.html)and dances around. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE thier music! definitly get that from me and Paul! :) Paul plays guitar (acustic, electric & bass). Zac is starting to play guitar (bought himself an electric guitar last year and paul got him an amp)...he should be taking lessons soon! :).
Heather's like me...rather sing. LOL. not that i am good or anything but she likes to belt the tunes out! LOL
John dances around...hehehehe too cute!

So yeah...going to work on that today. :)

I'm 29 again today....for the *counts fingers*...screw that...I'm 29 AGAIN! yeahhaaaawwwwww. (we dont speak of my age in this house)
Paul is more excited for me to get my gifts then I am i think. LOL
I have to wait untill he get's home from work (Which should be about 7pm).
There will be NO cake for me since i am dieting (did i mention that?...I lost 6 pounds in less then a week?..if not i will write about it another time).
Heather is QUITE upset that there will be no cake.
perhaps i shall make some cupcakes for the kids and paul. (They dont tempt me THANK GOD..HOWEVER the bananna bread i made 2 days ago...holy TEMPTATION...but i didnt have any!!!! yahhh me...)
I think i can guess what paul got me...he's predictable. *laughing*
I HINTED for him to get me some pattern books....which i *think* he did.
I think he will get me some concert tickets (GOOGOO DOLLS I am guessing, but if they were sold out then NICKELBACK)
I dont think he would have got me yarn.......
I'll wait and see!

time to hop in the shower while i can!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

HOLY crap-o-la

it's been what?..FOREVER & a DAY since i wrote?

I have two words.


i am sorry.

I suck big time.

big big big.

I will blaim it on my crochet k? since i have been ordering massive amounts of pattern books off the internet! hehehe that's where all my internet time has been spent...searching for a good deal! LMAO

I am actually figuring out what to make as x-mas gifts for people. I better start now or i will NEVER be done in time for x-mas! *yikes*

So my latest addiction (other then pattern books) is CROCHET ANIMAL/DOLL pattern books..LMAO
I have so many i dont know where to start! LMAO...
but i am not starting ANY untill i finish off my nieces halter top (another 45 mins of work on it about) and a baby blanket (about 1/4th done).

what else?
Oh my husband made this for me...it's sepost to be me...however it doesnt look like me at all...*shrugs* he made one to look like my oldest son and it looks JUST like him...and he did one of himself..that looks just like him...
here's his vision of me (so not me but whatever..LMAO...the hair is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY off!)