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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

another FO'd

i finished off my nieces top (like the one i made heather a few posts down excpet SANS shrug). It's in a dark pink with a light pink trim. I used COTTON TOTS (will have a pic later when i get around to taking the pic). IT WAS sepost to be for her b-day..which was last week. I will ship if off to her in the mail.

You know what i have noticed?
If i make a dead line for something i make...like for a pressent. I NEVER finish it on time. No matter if i give myself a MONTH to do..NEVER finish it.
I think i have come to the conclusion NO MATTER WHAT i am a procrastinator. (sp? - i SUCK at english spelling, i blaim it on being FRENCH and learning mostly in frech in school). I should not make dead lines...dead lines are BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

I still am working on the baby blanket...on and off threw out the day. great fun!

I also started on a short set for heather that someone posted a pattern for over at crochetville....
it's the first tank/short set on her blog.

I am doing it in CARON SIMPLY SOFT BRIGHTS color:PAPAYA that my good friend sent me!!! (we cant get that brand over here in canada! grrrrrrrr).
I REALLY like the "sheen" to this yarn...it's not a yarn texture i have worked with befor...quite enjoyable!

I started it this morning while the younger children blasted music (Markus http://hometown.aol.com/himarkus/myhomepage/newsletter.html)and dances around. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE thier music! definitly get that from me and Paul! :) Paul plays guitar (acustic, electric & bass). Zac is starting to play guitar (bought himself an electric guitar last year and paul got him an amp)...he should be taking lessons soon! :).
Heather's like me...rather sing. LOL. not that i am good or anything but she likes to belt the tunes out! LOL
John dances around...hehehehe too cute!

So yeah...going to work on that today. :)

I'm 29 again today....for the *counts fingers*...screw that...I'm 29 AGAIN! yeahhaaaawwwwww. (we dont speak of my age in this house)
Paul is more excited for me to get my gifts then I am i think. LOL
I have to wait untill he get's home from work (Which should be about 7pm).
There will be NO cake for me since i am dieting (did i mention that?...I lost 6 pounds in less then a week?..if not i will write about it another time).
Heather is QUITE upset that there will be no cake.
perhaps i shall make some cupcakes for the kids and paul. (They dont tempt me THANK GOD..HOWEVER the bananna bread i made 2 days ago...holy TEMPTATION...but i didnt have any!!!! yahhh me...)
I think i can guess what paul got me...he's predictable. *laughing*
I HINTED for him to get me some pattern books....which i *think* he did.
I think he will get me some concert tickets (GOOGOO DOLLS I am guessing, but if they were sold out then NICKELBACK)
I dont think he would have got me yarn.......
I'll wait and see!

time to hop in the shower while i can!


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Courtney said...

Cool so today is your birthday... Happy Birthday... Hope you have a good one... I have missed reading you.. Hey did you get the tooth pattern? I put it on my site? Just wondering.. Later gator...

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Congrats on being 29 again... I would have gone for 21 myself... Anyways I hope you get what ya want... Diet... I need to diet and I say this as I sit here eating chocolate covered cherries...YUM!!LOL

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Let us know if you get anything good!! (wink!) Have fun!!

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Tara said...

Happy Birthday!


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