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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Book Tag

I have been tagged by MARY .

The rules are:

1.Grab the nearest book, don't think just grab
2.Open to page 123
3.Find the fifth sentence
4.Post the next three sentences
5.Don't you dare dig for a cool or intellectual book. Just grab one!
6.Tag three people
7.Don't forget the author and the book

Sometimes I take my cue from an actor's own personal style, if it suits the charactoer. Adamo, for example, has a nice sense of style, so I've often reflected that in Marco. Stacey, on the other ahnd, couldn't be more different from hjow er dressed Ellie at first.
That's from the book THE OFFICIAL 411 DEGRASSI GENERATIONS by Kathryn Ellis and INTROCUTION BY *drolls* KEVIN SMITH.
Yes - I was a girl growing up in the 80's and the whole DEGRASSI thing is still with me...LMAO..I STILL love it!!!!! (take this book for example i LOVE anything degrassi related! i even have the school adgenda thingy..heheheeh)

I am tagging who ever wants to do it!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

done the large!

so i am having a BALL making MARY's fishnet wrist warmers....

I finished the LARGE...i made them with RED HEART yarn....

I love em! i could sit and crochet them all day ... pumping out a few pairs..hehehehe...they are GREAT!!!! i have had so many compliments on them!

Here is the large...on me.

my 3 1.2 year old daughter is begging me to make her a pair in HER size.. so i will try that soon!

What else have i been crochet-ing?
Well i took out this new book at the library.
It's called HOOKED HATS 20 Easy Crochet Projects.

using BERNAT deniumstyle it's a 70% acrylic 30% cotton in color faded khaki
it's really cute and shelly like...here i will take a quick pic of it from the book:

they have some really cute hats in there that are easy and quick.
There is a REALLY cute baby one that i think i may have to make! hehehehehe
i am sure i know SOMEONE who i can gift it to! LOL

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

tested Mary's pattern

Mary would be "CROCHET PRINCESS"

I am REALLY enjoying making these!!! i have made the SMALL, and MED in different yarn..and i am now making the LARGE! LOL...they are quick and oh so much fun to do!!!!

here are pics!

THANKS MARY for letting me test these for you!!!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tagged by Lucy

6 weird things/habits about myself:

1. I am totally grey...i started going grey when i was 16...I get my hair streaked blond to blend in with the grey...LOL.

2. Spiders make me ill..PHYSICALLY ILL. IF one so happen to crawl on me, i either pass out or get ill. I make my husband kill them (sorry lucy. has to be done) and i have him show me the carcus because i have to make sure it's dead befor i can carry on. If in the middle of the night i see one, i wake Paul up to kill it.

3. I cannot sleep with the closet door open...and i cannot sleep with MY bedroom door closed. (I hate sleeping in hotels and motels because i feel closed in)

4. Up untill a year ago i had body piercings...nose and tongue. I took my toung ring out because i got all freaked out over some story that someone told me about how someone's hole grew untill the tongue ring fell out. LOL. My nose ring fell out when i was sleeping and it closed up by the time i woke up *tears* I am a REBEL! hhehehe (I have 3 tattoo's too with plans to get MANY more!)

5. I sleep with a teddy bear that i have had since i was 4. (i am 32)...I use him as a pillow.

6. guilty pleasures:
music: bagpipes music & BSB's heheheheheh
tv: teen drama (degrassi series, the oc, falcon beach, bev 90210)
food: vinigar on ANYTHING...(it add's a nice kick to spagetti sauce or pizza sauce)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

new tattoo!!!

well, it's not really CROCHET related but it is on MY body..hehehe
hubby and i went away for our 5 year wedding anni (together for 10 total) a few days ago...we went to Niagara Falls (about 40 mins from us)..and wouldnt you know it, there was a tattoo shop just down from our hotel (there were actually 3 in that vacenity)...
I have 2 tattoo's already...the new one...was an ADD ON to one i already have...this one:

this is what it looks like now:

Let me explain...it's MY design...
The symbol that i already had means ANGEL...it's for a baby i lost shortly after we were married. It means alot to me to have that tattoo. The "Z" above it is for my oldest son Zachary, the "H" is for my daughter Heather & the "J" is for my youngest son John. All my children are surrounded by a tribal heart. (my design)

I LOVE it!!! :)

In a bit i am going to go and get my other tattoo added onto...(it's a rose on my right breast)...i am going to design that one too which is going to revolve around my husband.

I have plans for ANOTHER tattoo as well...LMAO....(yeah i love tattoo's...) but it isnt going to happen untill i lose the amount of weight i want to lose. (I am doing herbal magic right now and am down 12 pounds in 4 weeks)...I am imagining it will be done sometime next year.

so yeah...that's my new tattoo...
it's on my left leg..on the side...above my ankle.
any questions?

hehehe i also took pictures as he was doing the tattoo! hehehehe...the only time it hurt was the bottom of the heart where it points down towards the ankle..I am VERY boney there...and that hurt like a *#*!*!

Monday, August 07, 2006

my first purse..

made this baby :)
I havent carried a purse in oh, 3.5 years...due to having children and carrying a diaper bag, my wallet would just get thrown in there instead od a purse, because really, who has another free arm to carry a PURSE as well as a big-butt diaper bad! right? (heather just turned 3 1.2 years old on the 5th..and john turned 17 months on the 5th)
So i made me this one....to take on my little "get-away" with my husband for our 5 year married anni (we've been together for 10 our anni is the 11 of aug). My parents are coming to watch ALLLLLLL the children here at our place for 2 days and 1 night...we are going to Niagara Falls (about 40 mins from us..canadian side) to a hotel (with a jacuzzi), going to hit the casino, and the ever so popular tourist traps (my husbands get's in free witha guest to most of them threw work). I AM EXCITED!!!!
I havent had a night ALONE with Paul in over 3 years !!!! 3 YEARS PEOPLE!!!!!
due time huh?

ok so here are the pics of my purse..(which will hold all my winnings from the SLOT MACHINES at the CASINO!!!)...

here is the URL to the pattern i used: