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Thursday, September 28, 2006

i did it..why do i feel so guilty?

i tried my hand at knitting.

I dont have fond memories of it actually. LOL.
When we would go visit my Nanny when i was young she would make me sit down on her old hard couch (the claw foot type) that was stiff and painful and make me knit. I dont know how many scarves i made but she never let me take them home. I think she wanted to show off my work. Which made me sad because as a child i wanted to take it home and wear it. I was between 4-5 when this ritual was deemed to me.

So yesterday i say down with some knitting needles (that i had picked up on sale) and a few learn to knits books (Stitch 'n Bitch THE KNITTER's HANDBOOK *library book* and a little booklet i picked up at the same time as the knitting needles, PATONS: NEXT STPENS ONE knitting guidebook) nad i started. It's amazing how it all came back to me once i cast on. I am making a thin scarf for heather. then i will try my hand at different stitches. (perl?) LOL.

I think i may be getting the stitch 'n bitch knitting books. (I borrowed both from the library) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them just as much as my crochet one.

There are SOOOOOOOO many things i would LOVE to make from the knit stich 'n bitch...but i think i must have a bit more experience in understanding the terms befor i attempt ANYTHING! LMAO.

I am also interested in embroidery now too! hehehehe...
I do beleieve i will put some of that sort of stuff on my x-mas list as per paul's request. :)

My sewing machine is now fixed. yeahhhhhhhhhh it had a broken needle what was somehow wedged inside the guts of the machine. My FIL fixed it and it's sitting at thier house waiting to be picked up.
I got my beleoved sewing machine when i was 15. I usted to make summer outfits for zac. *laughing*. oh what fun!
I want to get back into making clothes for the kids :)
arn't i just the crafty person? *laughing*
with what time i will be doing this....i have NO IDEA!.

It's fun to be crafty....non?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I do..i really really do..and i know it :(

I have reglected my blog....

I have been busy crocheting though *smiles*...oh yes oh yes i have! and i do have pictures floating aorund somewhere...yes yes yes!

And i have 3 projects on the go that since i know i am almost finished i dont have the engery for anymore!? CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT? it happens to me EVERY time!!!! AND i have a list of about 6 things that i want to make next! (some x-mas gifts!).
The 3 things not finished yet:
white baby sweater (my first)
sponge buddy/bob hat and mitt set
a SURPRISE item i have created (and writing as i go..and i might add..I HATE writing up a pattern as i go..HATE IT!!!! takes DOUBLE the time but will be worth it!)

So here are some pics of finished items in no particular order:

The baby hats are DEE's TULIP PREEMIE HATS that you can find here:
I used TLC baby for the pink/white one (held a strand of each together for that one)
and the yellowish one was from my mother's old stash of yarn (a decade old but in AWSOME condition...if i remember correctly she bought it to make a blanket for my now 15 year old son when i was preggy!!!!

GROMIT is finished....and has eyes (did i post this with eyes yet?)

The CAMO hat is for my 15 year old ZAC. It is done with BERNAT yarn and came from *thinking* oh the book i borrowed from the library *insert book name here*

This greeny hat came from the same book...I love it but the style doesnt suit me :( i am going to gift it to mom i think....LOL. It's made from BERNAT denium cotton stuff. LMAO

Lastly..a pic of my yarn stash holder. Paul (husband) went out and bought me another stacker (it has 3 now) because somehowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my yarn stash grew! what's up with THAT? *throws hands up*..so now everything is in there nice and neat AND in ORDER! whoohooooo.

I have decided NO MORE big yarn purchus' for me untill i use up what i have!...That doesnt mean i cant buy yarn for a certain PROJECT...LMAO...it just means i have to use up what i have for something..ANYTHING!!!!