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Thursday, October 19, 2006


the newest member of our family.....

It's my JESSY-GIRL! :)
She was born June.21.2006.
her daddy was a pure breed SHIH TSU, her mommy was 1/2 MALTESE & 1/2 POODLE.
she weights 8 pounds 4 oz (as of 2 weeks ago).
She is VERY calm, doesnt bark, and very well behaved! (I have been commented on her good behaviour while in PETSMART from various employee's & the groomer, as well as people walking thier dogs in my neighborhood).
We are working on potty training (lmao can you tell i have children!?)..she will not pooh outside *grrrrr* but will pee outside no prob. Inside we have her going on her puppy mats but she does have little accidents OFF the mat at times.
We did get her a crate because we wanted to crate train her but the first night we put her in she whimpered, cried and barfed for most of the night. which would have been a problem if i didnt have 2 young children who need thier sleep. (not to mention the fact when i went to get her out of her crate early am there was poooooh EVERYWHERE and i needed to give her a good bath because of it *gag gag gag*)
When we leave for short periods without jessy in tow, we leave her in the living room/dinning room and she behaves herself. (usually jessy is with us but we cant take her to wal*mart with us..BOOOO on them!)

what else can i say? hummmmmmm....
She's a love-bug!!!!!