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Thursday, October 19, 2006


the newest member of our family.....

It's my JESSY-GIRL! :)
She was born June.21.2006.
her daddy was a pure breed SHIH TSU, her mommy was 1/2 MALTESE & 1/2 POODLE.
she weights 8 pounds 4 oz (as of 2 weeks ago).
She is VERY calm, doesnt bark, and very well behaved! (I have been commented on her good behaviour while in PETSMART from various employee's & the groomer, as well as people walking thier dogs in my neighborhood).
We are working on potty training (lmao can you tell i have children!?)..she will not pooh outside *grrrrr* but will pee outside no prob. Inside we have her going on her puppy mats but she does have little accidents OFF the mat at times.
We did get her a crate because we wanted to crate train her but the first night we put her in she whimpered, cried and barfed for most of the night. which would have been a problem if i didnt have 2 young children who need thier sleep. (not to mention the fact when i went to get her out of her crate early am there was poooooh EVERYWHERE and i needed to give her a good bath because of it *gag gag gag*)
When we leave for short periods without jessy in tow, we leave her in the living room/dinning room and she behaves herself. (usually jessy is with us but we cant take her to wal*mart with us..BOOOO on them!)

what else can i say? hummmmmmm....
She's a love-bug!!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

i did it..why do i feel so guilty?

i tried my hand at knitting.

I dont have fond memories of it actually. LOL.
When we would go visit my Nanny when i was young she would make me sit down on her old hard couch (the claw foot type) that was stiff and painful and make me knit. I dont know how many scarves i made but she never let me take them home. I think she wanted to show off my work. Which made me sad because as a child i wanted to take it home and wear it. I was between 4-5 when this ritual was deemed to me.

So yesterday i say down with some knitting needles (that i had picked up on sale) and a few learn to knits books (Stitch 'n Bitch THE KNITTER's HANDBOOK *library book* and a little booklet i picked up at the same time as the knitting needles, PATONS: NEXT STPENS ONE knitting guidebook) nad i started. It's amazing how it all came back to me once i cast on. I am making a thin scarf for heather. then i will try my hand at different stitches. (perl?) LOL.

I think i may be getting the stitch 'n bitch knitting books. (I borrowed both from the library) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them just as much as my crochet one.

There are SOOOOOOOO many things i would LOVE to make from the knit stich 'n bitch...but i think i must have a bit more experience in understanding the terms befor i attempt ANYTHING! LMAO.

I am also interested in embroidery now too! hehehehe...
I do beleieve i will put some of that sort of stuff on my x-mas list as per paul's request. :)

My sewing machine is now fixed. yeahhhhhhhhhh it had a broken needle what was somehow wedged inside the guts of the machine. My FIL fixed it and it's sitting at thier house waiting to be picked up.
I got my beleoved sewing machine when i was 15. I usted to make summer outfits for zac. *laughing*. oh what fun!
I want to get back into making clothes for the kids :)
arn't i just the crafty person? *laughing*
with what time i will be doing this....i have NO IDEA!.

It's fun to be crafty....non?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I do..i really really do..and i know it :(

I have reglected my blog....

I have been busy crocheting though *smiles*...oh yes oh yes i have! and i do have pictures floating aorund somewhere...yes yes yes!

And i have 3 projects on the go that since i know i am almost finished i dont have the engery for anymore!? CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT? it happens to me EVERY time!!!! AND i have a list of about 6 things that i want to make next! (some x-mas gifts!).
The 3 things not finished yet:
white baby sweater (my first)
sponge buddy/bob hat and mitt set
a SURPRISE item i have created (and writing as i go..and i might add..I HATE writing up a pattern as i go..HATE IT!!!! takes DOUBLE the time but will be worth it!)

So here are some pics of finished items in no particular order:

The baby hats are DEE's TULIP PREEMIE HATS that you can find here:
I used TLC baby for the pink/white one (held a strand of each together for that one)
and the yellowish one was from my mother's old stash of yarn (a decade old but in AWSOME condition...if i remember correctly she bought it to make a blanket for my now 15 year old son when i was preggy!!!!

GROMIT is finished....and has eyes (did i post this with eyes yet?)

The CAMO hat is for my 15 year old ZAC. It is done with BERNAT yarn and came from *thinking* oh the book i borrowed from the library *insert book name here*

This greeny hat came from the same book...I love it but the style doesnt suit me :( i am going to gift it to mom i think....LOL. It's made from BERNAT denium cotton stuff. LMAO

Lastly..a pic of my yarn stash holder. Paul (husband) went out and bought me another stacker (it has 3 now) because somehowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my yarn stash grew! what's up with THAT? *throws hands up*..so now everything is in there nice and neat AND in ORDER! whoohooooo.

I have decided NO MORE big yarn purchus' for me untill i use up what i have!...That doesnt mean i cant buy yarn for a certain PROJECT...LMAO...it just means i have to use up what i have for something..ANYTHING!!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Book Tag

I have been tagged by MARY .

The rules are:

1.Grab the nearest book, don't think just grab
2.Open to page 123
3.Find the fifth sentence
4.Post the next three sentences
5.Don't you dare dig for a cool or intellectual book. Just grab one!
6.Tag three people
7.Don't forget the author and the book

Sometimes I take my cue from an actor's own personal style, if it suits the charactoer. Adamo, for example, has a nice sense of style, so I've often reflected that in Marco. Stacey, on the other ahnd, couldn't be more different from hjow er dressed Ellie at first.
That's from the book THE OFFICIAL 411 DEGRASSI GENERATIONS by Kathryn Ellis and INTROCUTION BY *drolls* KEVIN SMITH.
Yes - I was a girl growing up in the 80's and the whole DEGRASSI thing is still with me...LMAO..I STILL love it!!!!! (take this book for example i LOVE anything degrassi related! i even have the school adgenda thingy..heheheeh)

I am tagging who ever wants to do it!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

done the large!

so i am having a BALL making MARY's fishnet wrist warmers....

I finished the LARGE...i made them with RED HEART yarn....

I love em! i could sit and crochet them all day ... pumping out a few pairs..hehehehe...they are GREAT!!!! i have had so many compliments on them!

Here is the large...on me.

my 3 1.2 year old daughter is begging me to make her a pair in HER size.. so i will try that soon!

What else have i been crochet-ing?
Well i took out this new book at the library.
It's called HOOKED HATS 20 Easy Crochet Projects.

using BERNAT deniumstyle it's a 70% acrylic 30% cotton in color faded khaki
it's really cute and shelly like...here i will take a quick pic of it from the book:

they have some really cute hats in there that are easy and quick.
There is a REALLY cute baby one that i think i may have to make! hehehehehe
i am sure i know SOMEONE who i can gift it to! LOL

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

tested Mary's pattern

Mary would be "CROCHET PRINCESS"

I am REALLY enjoying making these!!! i have made the SMALL, and MED in different yarn..and i am now making the LARGE! LOL...they are quick and oh so much fun to do!!!!

here are pics!

THANKS MARY for letting me test these for you!!!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tagged by Lucy

6 weird things/habits about myself:

1. I am totally grey...i started going grey when i was 16...I get my hair streaked blond to blend in with the grey...LOL.

2. Spiders make me ill..PHYSICALLY ILL. IF one so happen to crawl on me, i either pass out or get ill. I make my husband kill them (sorry lucy. has to be done) and i have him show me the carcus because i have to make sure it's dead befor i can carry on. If in the middle of the night i see one, i wake Paul up to kill it.

3. I cannot sleep with the closet door open...and i cannot sleep with MY bedroom door closed. (I hate sleeping in hotels and motels because i feel closed in)

4. Up untill a year ago i had body piercings...nose and tongue. I took my toung ring out because i got all freaked out over some story that someone told me about how someone's hole grew untill the tongue ring fell out. LOL. My nose ring fell out when i was sleeping and it closed up by the time i woke up *tears* I am a REBEL! hhehehe (I have 3 tattoo's too with plans to get MANY more!)

5. I sleep with a teddy bear that i have had since i was 4. (i am 32)...I use him as a pillow.

6. guilty pleasures:
music: bagpipes music & BSB's heheheheheh
tv: teen drama (degrassi series, the oc, falcon beach, bev 90210)
food: vinigar on ANYTHING...(it add's a nice kick to spagetti sauce or pizza sauce)